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Episode 8: Overcoming Chronic ControlFreakitis and Learning to Rest While the Storm Rages w/ Gaye Lindfors
24th November 2020 • Your Biggest Breakthrough • Wendie Pett, ND and Todd Isberner
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This episode is for you. 

Gaye Lindfors was raised in a tiny town in central Minnesota. Taught from an early age to fear the Lord, she chose a career in Corporate America in order to "reconcile her faith with the real world." She desired a more practical way of living her faith than that of the monastic monk praying and handing out tracks to strangers. 

As the head of human resources for a major airline based in Minneapolis, Gaye was responsible for resolving at times extremely complex issues involving employees of the airline.

So when her mother's Alzheimer's degraded to the point that she needed full-time live-in assistance, she thought, "No problem! I've got this."

Famous last words.

Gaye soon realized that dealing with an ill mother was not quite the same as dealing with complex issues involving employees with whom she had little or no emotional connection. She realized her controlling habits and mindset were a major obstacle to her ability to care for her mother, and was in turn creating health issues of her own.

Gaye realized that in order to properly care for her mother, and for her own sanity, she needed to break through her need to always feel like she's in control. 

Now that the storm has passed, and she has properly grieved her mother's passing, Gaye can laugh at her own ControlFreakitis and give encouragement to others who have similar struggles.

About the guest:

Whether she’s speaking at women’s conferences or retreats, blogging, or writing books, Gaye’s not afraid to poke fun at her own mishaps. She brings a blend of Bible teaching, life stories, and humor. 

Gaye started her own company after a successful leadership career in corporate America. She served as the Midwest Regional Director for Christian Women in Media and is past-president of the National Speakers Association for the Minnesota Chapter. 

Her most recent book, “Getting My Ducks in a Row and other Stories of Faith,” reminds us that when we don’t have our act together (which, for a lot of us, is much of the time), when we can’t even find our ducks and getting them in a row seems like mission impossible, God is faithful. We can stop fixing, fretting, and striving. 

Gaye will encourage your soul, refresh your faith, and give you something to giggle about.

In our discussion with Gaye, you'll discover:

-Gaye's "Faith Breakthrough"...04:05

-Needing encouragement dealing with Mom's Alzheimers...08:20

-A saint in blue jeans...10:50

-Gaye's support system dealing with the chaos...13:35

-Responding to the feeling of lost control...15:10

-Giving up the need to control and fix...17:20

-Not born with a "badge of courage"...24:20

-The inspiration behind Gaye's book...26:45

-What do people think when they see a glimpse of your life?...29:30

-The true meaning of piety...32:15

-Overcoming chronic controlfreakitis...36:00

Download Gaye's FREE ebook: "Finding a Breath of Fresh Air, And a Way to Start Again" at her website