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This Week: Diving Deep into the FCC's New Broadband Maps
Episode 11421st November 2022 • The Week with Roger • Roger Entner
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Analysts Don Kellogg and Roger Entner discuss the latest news in telecom, media, and 


0:27:  FCC recently released their new national broadband maps - how are they different from previous versions.

2:45:  The data is now reported in standardized bins, there are now different thresholds for mobile versus fixed and what that looks like.

5:43:  How providers could creatively report data for fixed service and why they cannot for mobile.

7:42:  Examining the 100m hex bins - and what that means for business metrics, and for Rural America.

10:51:  Consumers now have the data they will need in order to make better decisions and why the carrier maps will look a little different from the FCC map. 

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