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Youpreneur FM Podcast - Chris Ducker EPISODE 414, 14th December 2020
10 Things You MUST Know Going Into 2021
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10 Things You MUST Know Going Into 2021

During the last month of the year, I always ensure that I take the time to reflect on how the year went. Although 2020 definitely wasn’t the year that we had all planned, it’s still vital to look back on what has happened, how we reacted to certain situations and what we’re going to change going into the new year.

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In this episode, I share the 10 extremely important things that you MUST know going into 2021 to ensure that you make it the best year yet! Grab a pen and paper, you’re going to need it for this episode. 

Episode Timestamps

  • [02:50] - Establishing your current business model
  • [03:24] - Identifying your perfect customer
  • [04:27] - How much money did you bring in this year?
  • [04:50] - Percentage of online revenue
  • [05:41] - Total costs for the year
  • [06:18] - Top 3 sources of costs for this year
  • [10:20] - Number of email subscribers
  • [11:45] - 3 biggest traffic sources
  • [14:35] - Biggest struggles this year
  • [16:40] - The tasks you can start delegating 


Essential Learning Points From This Episode

  • Being clear on your avatar
  • Identifying what your top 3 sources of costs were this year
  • Why it’s important to check your number of email subscribers on a monthly basis
  • Double down on what is working
  • Figuring out what your biggest struggles were this year
  • Why it’s important to delegate

Important Links & Mentions From This Episode 

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