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76. PMC Q&A | Answering Questions About My Signature Program
Episode 7611th July 2022 • The Business Journey Podcast • Rebecca Rice
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Resources Mentioned: Profitable Minis 2.0 | Intro to Mini Sessions

Let's get into Profitable Minis 2.0! If you're listening live the course is OPEN and 50% off! Maybe you're wanting to level up your mini sessions game and need to learn how to make them profitable. Today I'm answering questions about my signature program, so here we go!

Intro to Minis vs. PMC 2.0

Basically Intro to Minis began as the start to minis. It's about 3 hours of content and was launched as a basic foundation for mini sessions. It covers things like structuring your minis and shooting workflow, but it is very different from PMC 2.0. I realized after doing Intro to Minis that there was SO much more information I wanted to put in. So, PMC 2.0 has everything Intro to Minis has but a lot more! The course is a one stop course including 15 hours of content and preparing you start to finish for successful mini sessions. Plus it has plenty of items from the shop like templates, other mini courses, etc. included.

What About Marketing?

Profitable Minis 2.0 takes a deep dive into marketing. That's one of the major differences between minis booking out or not. There are complete modules set aside solely for marketing and multiple types! Inside this course you'll have screen shares to see how to set up campaigns and tie all your marketing together. That's the beauty of marketing, once you learn how to set it up, it doest the work for you!

Where Should I Start?

I'm often asked, which course is a better starting place: Intro to Minis or PMC 2.0? I suggest PMC 2.0 for those of you that are more advanced in your photography. Intro to Minis is better for beginner photographers (especially those with a more restrictive budget). If you can afford to do PMC 2.0 I still would highly suggest this course. There are payment plan options to help, so if you can swing it I would do PMC 2.0!

What Is Ultimate PMC 2.0?

Here's the thing, I don't do the best job letting people know about this option. Ultimate PMC 2.0 is the same course, but it includes a 1 on 1 call with me! So, if you're the kind of person that likes more of a "hands on" approach or you need some accountability for implementing this is a great option! Maybe you're looking for individualized feedback and guidance on how to make mini sessions work for your specific business then that's the goal for Ultimate PMC2.0. It's one thing to watch a course, but sometimes you need eyes in on what you're doing. You want someone to look at your work and say "make this tweak, adjust this here" and give you specified advice. This gives you that ability!

Already Have Intro to Minis?

Some of you already have Intro to Minis and either want PMC 2.0 or wish you had that instead. I've actually got an upgrade payment option. This way you can get in, but won't feel stressed about the budget. Again, I wanted to make this attainable for anyone so if budget is holding you back there are some options for you! If you want to upgrade just reach out to my team!

What Is the Success Guarantee?

I believe in this course so much I wanted to give you some security since you've not taken it. Basically the guarantee says if you don't make your investment back (the money invested into the course) after your first set of major minis you can be refunded! I've just seen this time and time again how students invest in the course and make more than they've invested back. So I am confident that once you've applied all that the course offers you will be profitable. Don't miss that part though, you do need to apply ALL that the course instructs. Which makes sense right? PMC 2.0 will walk and educate you through all you need for successful mini sessions, but you've got to apply it!

If you have more questions feel free to DM me! I love answering questions about my signature program and want you to be successful!

What We Discussed

Intro to Minis vs. PMC 2.0 (2:24)

What About Marketing (4:23)

Where Should I Start (5:33)

What Is Ultimate PMC 2.0 (6:52)

Already Have Intro to Minis? (8:38)

What Is the Success Guarantee? (9:21)





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