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Blue Rupees Episode 63 - Take Two is Naughty and Chrono Trigger Games Gone By
Episode 635th June 2020 • The Blue Rupees Podcast • Blue Rupees Network
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Blue Rupees Updates: 00:04:45

What’d we play?: 00:06:45

What’d we get?: 00:39:00

Trivia: 01:23:30


Game Gear Micro: 01:42:00

Madden/PS5 Reveal Pushed Back, CoD season pushed back: 01:44:15

Take Two acting a fool towards Star Theory: 01:47:30

Games Gone By: Chrono Trigger DS: 01:54:00

Games Gone By schedule:

June 26th: Nier: Automata

July 31st: Shadow of the Colossus

August 28th: Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne