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Releasing Distortions: The Power of Frequency Work for Business Success
Episode 3418th April 2024 • Your Dream Business • Teresa Heath-Wareing
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Today’s episode of the podcast is an interview with Karen Cheong, where we have a fascinating conversation about what is blocking you from having your dream business, no matter how hard you're trying.

In this episode we dive into the power of frequency work for personal and professional growth and the importance of freewill in spiritual growth.  


  1. What distortion patterns are and how to release them
  2. How to rise above fear and limiting beliefs to access higher possibilities
  3. Why you might be fearing success and not enjoying it when you achieve it
  Karen Cheong is an international transformational speaker, writer, champion for self-empowerment and healer who has worked with thousands of people worldwide. If you enjoyed this episode then please feel free to go and share it on your social media or head over to iTunes and give me a review, I would be so very grateful.  


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Teresa: Hello and welcome back to this week's episode of the your dream business podcast. I hope you've had a great start to your week if you're listening to this on Monday. So today I have a really good guest and I'm very, very much looking forward to today's conversation because I selfishly read. what she could talk about and was like, I want that. I need that. So today I have Karen Cheong on the podcast. Who's an international transformation speaker, writer, champion for self employment and a healer who has worked on thousands of people worldwide with not on, she might have worked on them. We'll find out. After a health crisis in her early 20s, capitalized on her spiritual journey, she was driven by curiosity to explore the mystic and energetic systems that govern our experience of ourselves and others and life itself. As always, everybody, I've done a terrible job reading it, but you're not here for that, thank goodness. So please welcome to the podcast, the very lovely Karen. Karen, how are you doing? Karen: I'm doing great. Thanks for asking, and thank you for having me on your show. Teresa: I am excited to have you on the show. I hate the reading bit. Like, I think there must be some deep seated childhood thing of me having to stand in front of a class and read because like, I, I just hate the reading thing. So I apologize if I've done a terrible job, which is why I always start by saying, why don't you tell us who you are and how you got to do what you do today? And you have a really interesting backstory. So it'd be great to hear it. Karen: Okay. So, you know, I've owned a number of businesses myself and I'm sort of, I'm the type of person who loves creating things. And so after a short stint in the corporate world, and after having done my law degree, I then started creating my own businesses because I would just get really frustrated with the corporate environment and the structure and what it was that I wasn't allowed to do and why I had to justify everything to everybody all the time in order to get anything done. So that's not sort of way I am. So I created a, a number of businesses and one of them was that I was a real estate agent in San Francisco with my husband, Chris, we had a team and we were really successful from the outside. Okay. So top producers. You know, tens of millions of dollars in sales, team, whole thing. And like I said, from the outside, looks really successful. We have clients that love us, mainly referral based business, kind of like your dream business. Yeah. Except I felt like crap because I was always feeling like I didn't have enough. So I was what I call a serial spreadsheet . So I would spreadsheet how much cushion we had before we would have to sell our house and move in with my parents. Okay. So I don't know why that was the sort of like end horrible scenario. Teresa: Like immediate lack, like coming from the, the worst thing that could possibly happen is, yeah, I love it. Karen: It is. Yeah. I have to sell our house and move in with my parents, which is not going to be joyful for anybody. It's like a disaster. So for me, I was always hounded by this fear of not enough and I would drive my husband and partner with it and I would drive our team with it and I would drive myself hardest with it. So I was always working really long hours. and doing my best and feeling like I wasn't doing enough. And meanwhile, I mean, I'd been on a spiritual journey for like 25 years or something like this. So I was learning all of these different modalities, you know, so I'd done all the traditional personal development stuff by really well known coaches. So I was like, okay, well, let's help myself along. So let's do the coaching. Let's do all the personal development stuff. And then I learned a whole bunch of different modalities that are more out there, but they were energetic modalities that made sense to me. And I was like, okay, I'm an implementer. Let's implement it. Right. Because I'm like, does it work? You know, I'm kind of like that type of person who's like a healthy skeptic. I'm like, really? All right. You say you do all this, but does it really work? Right. So I would implement it to see if it did. So I was doing all that stuff. Having success, but still coming back to this place of scarcity. So one day I was looking around and I think I just asked this question to the universe. I don't know if this ever happens to any of you, but you just are like kind of at your wits end a little bit. And you're and I was looking at other agents who were producing more, meaning they were selling more homes that were more valuable than we were. And they didn't care about their clients and weren't doing a good job. Not all of them, but some of them. And I was like, how in God's name is that happening? Teresa: We've all got those people we could think about. I know it. We know it. Yeah. Karen: You're just like, I kind of hate you. Yeah, even though I kind of want what you have So anyhow Anyway, so I was asking this question. Why do I keep hitting the ceiling? I hate this freaking ceiling. Like I can feel it there and I'm working my tail off. How do I get past it? So anyway, you know I ended up going to a retreat. It was a meditation retreat, and I did something which I'd never done before. So it was a 12 day retreat, which for anyone who owns your own business, you know, that's like a freaking long ass time. Yeah, if I'm allowed to swear a little bit, but it's long, right? 12 days away from your business. It's like insanity. Mm hmm. And then when I got there, what I intuitively felt was, Oh, this isn't really, I don't really love the field. It's not that stable. And so I actually didn't go to the retreat. I actually meditated on my own for 12 days. Which, okay, so I'm of Asian descent, and I'm a very good student, and I sure as heck don't pay for something, and don't attend it, and take good notes, and then implement. Yes. Yes. And that's not happening in my world, you know? So the fact that I intuitively chose to not do that, and then go into my own form of meditation was like mind blowing in itself. But in that meditation, I'm so glad I followed because that's when I had what I would call my big awakening experience, where I merged with the oneness, lost a sense of myself, and perceived everything as frequencies. I'll talk about what that means in a minute. But when I came back out of that experience, which ended up being nine hours, which I did not plan. It's not like I was like, today I'm going to wake up and go into a nine hour meditation. Teresa: I'll see you later. Karen: Yeah. It wasn't really on my plan for that day. Yeah. But that's what happened. And then when I came back, I really could sense that everything was an illusion and that it was beautiful and was there for us to go from. And that everything was still frequencies and that I could make change at that level. So that's how I began. And weirdly, through all this coincidence, I happened to be overlapping with a friend who was there for like 12 hours, and she asked me to help her, like literally within 12 hours of me coming out of this meditation. So I did. And then word spread, and here we are, right? With my company now is, which is Spherical Luminosity. Teresa: Yeah. Okay. There's a couple of things. First off, the fact that you went, well, the fact that you booked in for 12 day meditation, like retreat, I've done retreats. I did, was it like three or four days on one and three or four days on another 12 days? I don't know how people do that. And then the fact that you went, no, I'm just going to meditate on my own and for nine hours, like I meditate and I know there's lots of people who are maybe listening to this that have dabbled or tried. I could not meditate for nine hours. Like. Karen: I didn't think I could either. Teresa: That's amazing. Like, yeah, I, yeah. Karen: I think, you know, it's funny because I used to hate meditation. I know that the irony of this, all of this is, quite large, but I used to hate it because what I would do is I would sit in meditation because I was supposed to sit, you know, like I read the books that told you to help you with your focus and help you with your stress, blah, blah, blah. So I'm like, all right, fine, whatever. I'll do the thing. So I sit down on my little cushion that I bought because clearly Teresa: you can't meditate without it. Karen: Gotcha. And I would sit there and supposedly count my breaths. And after about seven breaths, I'd be pissed off because I'm like, I have this huge list of crap that I've got to get done. And I'm sitting here not doing any of it. It's getting longer. Teresa: Yeah, I get it. I get it. Honestly, that's amazing. So explain what your business is then, like, yeah, what it is you actually do in the business. Karen: Yeah. So what I do is something that I call frequency work. And I think to understand it and to understand why it matters to you basically releases these invisible patterns, or what I call distortion patterns that keep you stuck. So some of your distortion patterns are conscious, like you're aware of where they are. So meaning you feel like you don't have enough, you're probably really clear if that's something for you, that's a distortion pattern. If you don't feel like you're worthy of not working hard all the time, that's also distortion pattern that you may be less aware of. But these things that I call distortion patterns happen at the frequency level. And once you start to release those, everything changes. And the reason everything changes is because everything happens at the higher vibrational level first to frequency, and then the physical reorganizes around it. So let me just break that down because it's kind of a new concept and it's kind of weird, you know? Yeah. So everything to me is vibration. We're all light vibrating. Okay, this is not a new concept, right? This has been talked about in science for like decades, right? So the rate of vibration dictates the form of the thing. So if you take water, the molecules are vibrating fast. It's steam. And when those Molecules slow down in vibration, it becomes water, and when the vibrational level slows down even more, it becomes ice or something dense and hard. So if you take that idea and you extrapolate it all the way out to consciousness which is extraordinarily high in vibration, and that we can't measure yet with our tools. We can kind of measure the byproduct of it in the body, but we can't measure consciousness itself. And if you think about the oneness, pure source, source, the divine, whatever you want to call it, it doesn't really matter to me, that very highly resonating consciousness, From which everything comes and to which everything returns, that is vibrating at an extraordinarily high rate. And I'm going to call that the oneness, okay, for the, just ease. So for the oneness to experience anything other than itself, meaning it being one. There needs to be a drop in vibrational level or it would just stay oneness forever, infinitely. So when that vibrational level drops, frequencies are created. And then when that vibrational level drops some more, it creates what we call now energy and then as that slows down even more it creates physical form or matter, or what you think is solid and real in your physical life. Yeah. Okay. So everyone thinks that you have to do certain things in the physical to create change on the spirit level. It's actually inverse. The things that are higher in resonance, like at frequency level, because it dictates in that cascade what the physical form will look like. If you change things, the frequency level. Yeah, the physical reorganize extraordinarily quickly around it to get to what are distortion patterns. Okay. And why do I care? And why do I feel like I'm constantly hitting this freaking wall? Yeah. You're probably hitting up against your distortion patterns because they're invisible to you, but they're not invisible to you because you've experienced them. And the thing is, They create every everything including your thoughts like what we think are our thoughts and emotions are actually the physical Embodied experience of that distortion meaning it's your expression of that distortion. Does that make sense? The distortion exists you're expressing it as thoughts and feelings Okay, so what the heck are distortions and where did they come from? Because I mean I would want to know that. So to me, you choose to have an embodied experience. Now, I realize that might be a stretch for some people because they're like, well, I don't know that I would have chosen this. Yeah, exactly. Right. Cause it kind of sucks. Teresa: If, if I could go with like Beyonce or like, what are the, I would have gone for that body experience if I had the choice. But here we are. Yeah, I'm gonna go with this. I'll roll with this one. It's fine. Karen: Exactly. But you chose to have an embodied experience. Why? Because, you know, the scientists have been saying for a while that 99. 9999999 percent of everything is quote unquote nothing. And it's not nothing. It means it doesn't have form. 0. 0000001 percent of everything has form or density. So it's a rare thing that we get to experience. I know that it doesn't feel good. sometimes or a lot of the time, depending on who you are, but you get to have an embodied experience. So when you choose to come into embodiment, because here you are, you actually have to drop in vibrational rate. So again, you are consciousness and you need to have an embodied experience, which is like form, right? I mean, you have a body. Yeah. So when you, so for me, when I perceive these things, it's like a sphere of pure source energy. Which, by the way, has an individuated rate of vibration, meaning that rate of vibration is what causes you to be you, and me to be me. Okay? So when that sphere of pure source energy, vibrating at its own very unique rate, drops, because it does, in vibration, and comes into embodiment, something forms around it, meaning layers and layers and layers and layers and layers and layers and layers and layers and layers and layers and layers of what look like duct tape form around the sphere. Now, the sphere, there's nothing wrong with the sphere, okay? It's inherently still the sphere, it's pure source energy vibrating at its own unique rate. But what it forgets is that it's surrounded by pure source energy all around it, and it gets really, really, really heavy, and it starts to vibrate slower because, again, layers of duct tape. Heavy. Yeah. So what are the layers? So the layers are distortion patterns. What do they come from? They come from things like what your ancestors experienced. Okay, so you're what I would call lineage. So the field of epigenetics is mapping this, right, where they are finding that what your ancestors experienced whether you knew them, know their names, know their faces, they very much impact how your DNA expresses and what choices you make. Okay. So sciences start to mirror what's happening on spirit level. Then of course we have your cultural distortion patterns. We all have them, but your religious distortion patterns, even if you particularly are not religious, like you didn't grow up in a particularly religious family. Your lineage certainly was, to some degree, at some point, and it's influencing you. Yeah. And also things like your past lives. So all of these things are distortion patterns, which you bump into, which cause you to feel and to think the way you do. So when you start to release distortion patterns, Which is what I help you do, you start to feel different. And the thing is, you start to feel some people start to feel different first, and then their physical reality changes. Some people it happens all at once. For me, it's. been the way I feel first, because it was kind of a subtle thing. You know, I started doing frequency work and I knew I didn't feel that much actually the first time I did it at all. It wasn't a felt experience for me, but I just knew somehow that something had changed. And then I kept doing it because I was like, I know something's changed. I'm just gonna keep doing this. I don't know why, but I'm just going to keep doing it. And then after maybe it was a month, Chris was like, hey, you're not spreadsheeting. Have you noticed that? I'm like, no, didn't notice that, but yeah, it feels so much better. But you know what I mean? It just kind of became my new normal in a way. Yeah. So that's what I do. I help people to release the distortion patterns that keep them stuck and keep them from experiencing the life that they want to create....




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