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The Role of Behavioural Science in Nudging towards Behaviour Change, with Behavioural Scientist, and Author, Patrick Fagan
Episode 8020th May 2024 • The Marketing Society podcast • The Marketing Society podcast
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We’re only consciously aware of 0.0004% of everything around us at once…read that again!

Fake news, real news, social media, pickup artists. With all the messages we see and decisions we make every day, have you ever thought about how we are constantly being nudged towards one thing or another? In this episode we explore behavioural science with Patrick Fagan and whilst all communications are design to influence and manipulate in some way, how can we (marketers / communicators) use skill, creativity and influence for good?

When it comes to marketing, our role is to understand needs and desires, tune in to what people want and then talk to them about how our products and services benefit them, meeting those needs and desires and helping them to feel a particular way to purchase or engage. But, as we’ve talked about many times on our podcast series, we need to rethink the role of marketing, we need to evolve our stories, drive awareness, educate, shape new behaviours and get people to care enough to want to make different choices, or change behaviours. There is SO much for Marketers to take away from this conversation with Patrick - from frameworks, steps and examples to connecting the dots. It’s a must listen. Tune in as we talk to Patrick about:

  • The nuances of language and how they are ordered
  • Nudge theory and Cialdini's 6 Principles of Influence
  • Types of nudges - the most used and the most powerful
  • What we can do as communicators to change behaviours through choice architecture
  • Fear messaging
  • Creating campaigns which cut through the noise
  • Finding out about brain’s ‘memory bouncer’

For more information about Patrick Fagan, the books he’s written, and the work he does - you can follow him on LinkedIn or visit




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