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#40: How to launch on time and on budget
Episode 404th November 2020 • The Launch Strategist • Katrina Douglas
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Most leaders fall pray to the planning fallacy, which is where they are over-optimistic about how much time things are going to take and how much they are going to cost. This causes many projects to overrun in terms of time and budget. In this episode, Katrina discusses how to avoid the planning fallacy and increase your chances of launching on time and on budget.

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3:30   – I’m forever an optimist but when it comes to launching a little pessimism helps  

3 nuggets of wisdom

  • Whatever you think that your launch is going to cost in terms of time and money, add 50%
  • When it comes to launching a little pessimism helps
  • If you have the option to spend the time or money, spend the money


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