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Ep. 2 Goals Discovery
Episode 22nd December 2020 • Living Richer • Living Richer Wealth Management
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The idea of putting together a financial plan can be overwhelming. In fact, it’s a big reason why so many don’t put one in place when they are starting out and why so many are worried it’s too late as they move through life’s transitions. But here’s the truth – it’s never too early or too late to get started.

In this episode, Mark explains why it’s so important to have a plan at any stage and how to get started. He talks about why retirement planning calculators don’t work. He provides an overview of the 3-D financial planning process used at Living Richer Wealth Management. And in easy-to-understand terms, he’ll walk you through the first steps to building your own plan – the same steps he takes his own clients through.

If you want to create a financial plan but don’t know where to begin, or if you have a plan that you worry isn’t going to get you to where you want to go, this episode is for you. 


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