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Episode 13: Lisa Gibbard, CIO at Thomas Miller
Episode 1319th September 2022 • Behind the Desk... with Mark Thomas • Eames Group
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In the sixth episode of season three of Behind the Desk with Mark Thomas, I am joined by Lisa Gibbard, who is the Chief Information Officer at Thomas Miller. 

Lisa is arguably the most experienced tech leader I've had on the podcast so far. She started her career at NatWest bank and has since gone on to hold senior leadership roles with the likes of Aon Ltd, Aspen Insurance Group and MS Amlin. There isn't much Lisa hasn't experienced or seen throughout her career and her insights into the challenges facing the insurance industry are fascinating from both a business and diversity and inclusion perspective. 

I've known Lisa for a while, but only from afar. And it was great to get into what makes her tick and understand more about how she's achieved so much in her career. 

So, without further delay, let's get behind the desk with Lisa Gibbard.

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