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Good leadership is staying true to your inner self, guest, award winning CEO Thane Lawrie
4th July 2022 • Soul-Inspired-Leadership • Ross Swan and Antoinette Biehlmeier
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The title of your book-"The Buddhist CEO'- is intriguing from a leadership perspective.

 A key bit about leadership is one has got to want to do it. With that comes the responsibilities of setting the scene, share a vision people can resonate with and work towards and show the values that matter. With that comes one aspect of being somebody who is willing to get stuck into difficult issues.

 All of which comes back to the key element of leading from within. Which is sometimes very difficult given the pressures of the outside world that push and pull you in all directions.

 As a leader you've got to really know who you are as a person. Your values and where you see your company going. 

 It's always best to follow what's coming from the heart that guides you straight. Operating from the head often leads to convoluted actions as the mind is often overwhelmed with the onslaught of information. Being true to one's inner self gives that consistency of action, of thought, which then makes it easier to share the vision or picture one has as a leader. Doing this helps inculcate and increase trust over time.

 Focusing on the staff and taking their perspectives and points and being inclusive in ensuring what matters to them is part of the company's activities goes a long way in earning trust and appreciation as a leader.

 A change in senior leadership in any company always shakes up the hierarchy. What helps is the empowerment that managers are given. It helps them to take on leadership responsibilities and thus showing similar values and work ethics that helps encourage innovation and new ideas which made the company a valued one.

 All part of being a ‘Buddhist CEO’ Contact Thane on