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204. Success Story: How D.R. Fay built her podcast management business
Episode 20412th March 2024 • The Podcast Manager Show • Lauren Wrighton
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If you’re looking for proof that big life shifts can lead to fulfillment, D.R. Fay, from Mouthy Broad Media, shares her journey from a soul-crushing breakdown at her customer service gig to becoming a thriving podcast manager.

Her story might be the inspiration you need today! She also shares how her background in entertainment and her leap into podcast management have helped shape her current success.

She is currently focusing on growing her business with the vision and power of AI, all while enjoying the flexible lifestyle of working from home.

While mastering podcast management with the support of community, she shares her insights on scaling a business, analytics, and the long-term game of learning. Plus, she gives an exclusive scoop on the tools that are revolutionizing show notes—Castmagic and Katteb—and invites listeners to learn alongside her.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Transitioning from entertainment to customer service to podcast management
  • The challenges and benefits of involving subcontractors in a growing podcast business
  • How to use AI tools like Castmagic and Katteb for crafting podcast show notes
  • Her plans to scale up and become an agency
  • The significance of the business name Mouthy Broad Media

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