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Self-doubt, esteem and never giving up - Laura Gallagher GB Trampoline Gymnast
Episode 409th March 2021 • Destination Tokyo • Mark Shardlow
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Trampoline gymnastics is one of the sports that I love to watch. We don't get to see it much until the Olympics comes round. And it's one of those sports that we all become 'experts' for a few days.

Laura Gallagher is one of Britain's best. But she has had a long battle with injury and self-doubt.

Laura talks about how she no longer lets Trampoline Gymnastics define her. She's always struggled with confidence and self-esteem and describes how difficult that is in the world of elite sport.

She has been super successful but has had lows too that have crept into her non-sport life. But she has learnt the value of herself and believes strongly that personal values are so important for all of us.

She admits to losing her perspective of life and a very time when she couldn't pick herself up off the floor. But an interview for a job working with young people changed her mindset. She believes its about accepting where you are, letting go of the past and knowing you can change the future. She's now in a good place. And has had the best few years of her career.