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Right Action
Episode 5928th January 2022 • The Alchemy Experience • Christopher Lembke
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Right Action is Your Best Action

“Stop doing what is easy. Start doing what is right.” – Roy T. Bennett, The Light in The Head

Right action is referred to in Buddhism as “Wise/Ideal Morality”. Right action is doing what is right for you at that very moment. That does not mean there is an opposite and wrong way, whatever action we take is Right Action. However, is it the right action to be in the flow of life or right action to experience resistance? We choose, and whatever path we choose is the right one. 

Now, most would, understanding they had a choice, choose to live a life in flow, would you not agree? So, if that is what we desire, there will be a right action for us at every turn. As a rule of thumb, with that objective in mind, listening to our intuition and guidance will bring us to right action, as opposed to listening to our mind and core wounding that will bring resistance. 

If we have done our inner work dealing with our core woundings, blockages, etc., we will be able to fully trust our boundaries, intuition, guidance, etc. The work is gradual, so at any given time “Right Action” is going to more like “Best Action For The Moment”. 

Clearly, people of opposing views will see their own actions as right action, which one is then “correct”? From a higher point of view, neither and both are correct. I think Mother Theresa put it very well in her response to the question if she could front a demonstration against war, to which she answered, “I will never demonstrate against war, only for peace.” When we come to the point where we accept any person’s path and have compassion and empathy for them and their experiences, or perspective or right action is going to be very different. This does not mean that we have to agree with everybody or take action for the highest good of humanity, but it is with the intent and what action we take that dictates where we are on the path to enlightenment. As is stated in “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz, “Do your best”. That means that always do your best with the resources you have at any particular moment, take the best action you know how to.



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