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How To…Um…Eliminate Filler Words
Episode 151st February 2022 • THE AMPLIFII PODCAST • René Rodriguez
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Beware, this episode is FULL of filler words. So, you know how, um, all of us fill the spaces, um, with, uh, extra words? Rene knows all about it too and takes on filler words, as well as the perfectionist removal of them entirely, in this episode.

 “Self awareness is a big key of this. We have to create awareness, most people don’t realize how much they use filler words until they start recording themselves.”

From the scientific cause of filler words, to the proven practices that can help make you aware of and able to eliminate them in your own speech, this episode will help any one who speaks in public or even addressing clients or customers on the phone and over Zoom. Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your impact today!

Show Resources:

Progressive Relaxation: Progressive Relaxation with Music.mp3?dl=0

02:00 - What are filler words?

03:13 - Why um?

05:34 - What do filler words do to you?

06:44 - Don’t muddy the brain’s picture

07:42 - How do you stop filler words?

09:20 - Beliefs about Silence

11:15 - The Best Speakers know the power of Silence

13:02 - How to build self-awareness

14:20 - Filler words get in the way of emotional connection

16:17 - Filler words add cognitive effort for the listener

16:42 - But how long…is a pause?

19:55 - Does your personal brand matter? So do filler words

20:55 - Your Homework - Record AND REVIEW

23:17 - It’s okay to suck at something when you start!

25:07 - Preparation is KEY

27:00 - The more you practice, the easier it becomes

27:22 - Progressive Relaxation

28:20 - Recap

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29:15 - Subscribe to our YouTube Channel

29:40 - AMPCon 2022

30:00 - Let your heart speak in sequence!