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The Biggest Mistakes You Can Make Starting A Business
Episode 2818th February 2022 • Freedom Nation Podcast • Jeff Kikel
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In today’s episode, Jeff begins a series of shows exploring possible Freedom Engines. Jeff has been sharing some of his advice starting when starting businesses in this series.

  1. The biggest mistake most people make early on in business is first not having a budget and second not following one.
  2. Not Realizing that starting a business is work and things like time/life balance and family time have to take a back seat at times.
  3. It is not easy to start a business. If it were everyone would be a successful business owner.
  4. Market…Market…Market. People have this mistaken belief that they can be a successful internet entrepreneur by putting up a website and people will come to it. Shocker, this is all a lie. The most successful entrepreneurs are out marketing EVERY day and partnering with those that can help them.
  5. Being an entrepreneur is a LONELY world. You need to have a tribe of others that can keep your spirits up and tell you that you are an ID10T at times.

Jeff spent the early part of his career working for others. Jeff had started 5 businesses that failed before he had his first success. Since that time he has learned the principles of a successful business and has been able to build and grow multiple seven-figure businesses. Jeff lives in the Austin area and is actively working in his community and supporting the growth of small businesses. He is a board member of the Incubator.Edu program at Vista Ridge High School and is on the board of directors of the Leander Educational Excellence Foundation

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