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Aliens in Aokigahara forest and Dyatlov Pass
Episode 3628th April 2023 • Digging Up Ancient Aliens • Fredrik Trusohamn
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Let's venture into a world of supposed mysteries. Could alien interference be behind the reputation of Aokigahara Forest, or as some have named it, "The Suicide forest," and the tragedy at Dyatlov Pass?

In Digging up Ancient Aliens, our host Fredrik uses his background in archaeology to discover what is genuine, fake, and somewhere in between in popular media such as Ancient Aliens.

This time we're looking into episode ten from season three, "Aliens and evil places." Or rather, we look into two of the sites brought up in the episode, Aokigahara Forest and Dyatlov Pass.

Aokigahara Forest has been called in popular media the "Suicide Forest," and we will look into the reason behind this. By investigating Japanese culture, history, and the area itself, we will try to find the reason for the forest's reputation. While I don't go into any gruesome details, the topic of suicide will be discussed in the episode. If you need help or someone to talk to, I've collected some resources below.

Then we're off to Russia and will dissect the Dyatlov Pass incident. What happened that night when nine hikers died, and what does the Disney movie Frozen have to do with the answer?

For a full list of references, make sure to visit our website!

In this episode:

Aikogahara Forest 3:10

Japanese Culture and Suicide 5:15

History of Seppeku 8:34

Different versions of Seppeku 12:10

Mount Fuji 17:00

Werner effect 20:45

Dyatlov Pass 24:01

Events on February the first 27:20

Slab Avanache 29:50

The Disney connection 32:00

Radiation 34:06

Resources for helplines

In the U.S., the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline’s # is 1-800-273-8255. Crisis Text Line can be reached by texting HOME to 741741 (US), 686868 (Canada), or 85258 (UK).

For international listeners, you find an international collection here

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