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005. How to use your triggers to grow your business
Episode 52nd September 2022 • Wealthy Goddess • Rachel Foy
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Let's talk about TRIGGERS!

Every time something or someone 'triggers' you, what do you do??

Here in the online coaching world, we see people celebrating phenomenal things all the time.

And if you're anything like how I used to be, sometimes that triggers our little ego to get moody and start making stories up about ourselves.

'that's not fair, I'm more experienced'

'how did she/he/they do that already??'

'how are they celebrating 20k/50k/100k months when they only started last year??'


So, here's something I'd like to invite you to lean into.

You get to DECIDE what that 'trigger' can do for you.

1. it can fester away and make you feel shit about yourself and then you go into a spiral and don't make any further progress towards your dreams


2. you get to take ownership of that shadow part which has been 'triggered' and allow yourself to see it as a PHENOMENAL opportunity for expansion.

Triggers can also be seen as activators.

Waking something up within us which wants our attention to be witnessed, seen or healed.

Every time I now get 'triggered'....which can sometimes happen....I genuinely love it

It's another opportunity to let some story go as to why that can't also be me too!!!

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