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Liberty Mutual’s Strategies for Building a Successful Resilience Program
3rd August 2022 • The Employee Safety Podcast • AlertMedia
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To achieve business resilience, organizations must be prepared for any emergency that comes their way. For Liberty Mutual, that means building preparedness plans that include three primary components: Crisis management, emergency response, and business recovery.

Ashley Goosman, Risk Manager of Business Continuity & Crisis Management Specialist at Liberty Mutual, has helped managers and employees worldwide prepare for and respond to business interruptions for the past 10 years. She joins the show to share lessons learned that can help other organizations build strong resilience programs.

Ashley explains:

  • How Liberty Mutual has streamlined its operational structure to improve crisis decision-making and business continuity
  • When and why the company has pivoted or modified resilience strategies
  • Guidance on how to measure the success of your resilience program
  • Suggestions for building community engagement within the risk and resilience industry

The Employee Safety Podcast is hosted by Peter Steinfeld, SVP of Safety Solutions at AlertMedia.

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