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Episode 6: Crossing $100k with Jocelyn Wing
Episode 68th September 2022 • Remote Millionaires • Offline Sharks LLC
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Can you imagine doing business before there was the internet? Traditional marketers used print ads, mailers, and even door-to-door campaigns. With digital marketing, the possibilities become limitless. However, digital marketing can seem intimidating if you’re new to the game. So how does someone become an expert in digital marketing and manage to build an agency offering digital marketing services? That's the story that Jocelyn Wing will share with you today. And if you're a relatively new agency owner or entrepreneur eager to get past the $100k mark, this conversation is exactly what you need to hear. 

“The community helps me a lot, seeing the highs and lows, and having someone cheering you on, so it keeps you motivated and inspired.”  5:50

- Jocelyn Wing


In This Episode:

  • Jocelyn shares how she got into digital marketing, the challenges, and how she just kept moving forward
  • What does being in a supportive community do for you?
  • Working with your first client is an experience you seldom forget, especially if this client stays with you for a long time. Discover how Jocelyn met her first client in 2008 and what impact this has had on her entrepreneurial journey
  • Continuous learning and inspiration fuels a person's desire to succeed. How does Jocelyn keep herself motivated? 
  • Jocelyn talks about the biggest lesson she learned inside the Remote Millionaires Community and how the program can also benefit you.
  • Words of advice for someone who wants to accelerate past the $100k mark

And much more…

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