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Addressing the ELEPHANT in the Room® - One Light Ahead® EPISODE 3, 25th August 2021
Wanting to Belong, with Will Salyards
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Wanting to Belong, with Will Salyards

Will Salyards coaches leaders, managers, and physicians for development and performance with work that is accountable and with demonstrated ROI. He is aided in this by his experience leading nonprofit and for-profit organizations, his work in social psychology, and that as a Professor of Leadership Studies. Will’s Ph.D. is from Gonzaga University and his MA from Fuller Theological Seminary. 

What you will learn in this episode:

  • What is the cousin of being an imposter
  • How confidence is determined by competence
  • Why a growth mindset sees more opportunity than risk
  • How to stop the feelings of not belonging
  • Why trusting yourself is the simplest way to increase confidence


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