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Pod 4 Good - Rant9 Productions EPISODE 14, 6th May 2021
Tulsa Changemakers and the Importance of Youth Voices
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Tulsa Changemakers and the Importance of Youth Voices

Chris and Jesse are joined by three special guests. Andrew Spector, co-director and founder of Tulsa Changemakers, and two Tulsa Changemaker alums, Mariana Aguirre and Emily Lara. Mariana and Emily talk about what they learned while becoming Changemakers, why their young voices are important, and what issues they care about.

Tulsa Changemakers is a youth-driven initiative that empowers the young people of Tulsa to make meaningful change in their schools and communities. Find out more on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/tulsachangemakers), or on the web (https://www.tulsachangemakers.org)

Tulsa Changemakers has three pitch nights this month which will be live streamed on Facebook.

May 6th: https://fb.me/e/2tix6WTey

May 2th and 26th: https://fb.me/e/50Cdplkyk

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