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Raising Rare - Raising Rare EPISODE 3, 13th February 2021
Turn Up the Volume - Raghav Gets a Cochlear Implant

Turn Up the Volume - Raghav Gets a Cochlear Implant

When Raghav was born, he failed his newborn hearing test. From that moment on, Sanath and Ramya knew that his hearing was going to be an issue – they just did not know how big an issue it would be.

After many tests, they learned he had auditory neuropathy. It seemed that his hearing was inconsistent; it was like the connection was loose. Sometimes he would react to sound and other times he had no reaction.

They began a search for a solution. 

In this episode, we hear about the options they looked at before finally deciding to go with a Cochlear Implant.  We talk about how a cochlear implant works and the high-tech capabilities it has. We also hear the surprising results of this change and the impact it is having on their lives. 

We want to thank Stealth BioTherapeutics for supporting this episode of Raising Rare. Stealth BioTherapeutics is an innovative biopharmaceutical company developing therapies to treat mitochondrial dysfunction associated with genetic mitochondrial diseases and common diseases of aging.


To learn more about Cochlear Implants like the one Raghav had placed, go to https://www.cochlear.com/