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Episode 13: Nu Jazz & beyond releases from Bali, Israel, Mexico City, Jamaica, Dominican Rep, UK, and the USA.
Episode 1318th July 2022 • Courtney Pine Global Jazz • Jazz Pod
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Courtney’s playing refreshingly cool new jazzy vibes for you to work, rest and play to!  Jam-packed full of new releases and plenty of fun, including many of the artists introducing their own tracks!

This week we’re turning up the heat: Mexico City- Jamaican grooves, Israeli sax, Balian piano jazz, Chicago jazz funk, soul jazz vocals, smooth neo-soul grooves, UK jazz trio, Irish-inspired guitar, fiery be-bop.

1 SLY5THAVE & ROBERTO VERÁSTEGUI – Ensencialmente (5’23)
Agua de Jamaica TRU THOUGHTS  Tr 5
Andres Marquez dr Pablo Gonzalez Sarre Bs Roberto Verastegui keys Sylvester Onyejiaka  tnr/Drum/fl

Get a taste of Mexico City on this exciting new collaboration – we love it!

Eli Degibri - Henri and Rachel (4’42)
Henri and Rachel DEGIBRI Tr 4
Eli Degibri Sx Tom Oren Pno Alon Near Bs Eviatar Slivnik Dr

Just the image of this beautiful album cover says it all: “I will always keep searching for you, knowing that one day we will and must reunite. Until that day, I will never stop humming your melody, my beautiful daddy and mommy, Henri and Rachel.”

3 Joey Alexander - Angel Eyes (4’20)
Joey Alexander pn Larry Grenadier bs and Kendrick Scott dr

Feel the rising spirit of pianist Joey Alexander, whimsically dancing with Kendrick Scott’s drums and Larry Grenadier’s bass…gorgeous!

4 Greg Spero - Rose Petal (3’57)
The Chicago Experiment  ROPEADOPE Tr7
Makaya McCraven dr Marquis Hill tpt Jeff Parker gtr Darryl Jones bs Greg Spero pno

Love love love this!!  Think Herbie Hancock given a 21st century Chicago twist this is groovin’! Ropeadope you’ve done it again!!

5 Brian Jackson – Nomad (5’17)
This is Brian Jackson BBE Tr4
Brian Jackson vc pno Binky Brice bs Caito Sanchez dr
Daniel Collás
timp Camellia Hartman vln Claire Solomon cl
The Sampaquita Strings
Jackon arr Collás

Eternal truths from the soulful voice of legend Brian Jackson – pure medicine music for the soul…produced by Phenomenal Handclap Band founder Daniel Collás.

6 Partikel – Citizen (7’14)
Anniversary Song BERTHOLD Tr9
Duncan Eagles sx Max Luthert bs Eric Ford dr

Check out the energy explosion that is Partikel: one of the most exciting trios in improvised music” taking “the classic sound of the Sonny Rollins saxophone trio for contemporary ears in an adventurous but intrinsically melodic manner.

7 Josean Jacobo - Herencia Criolla (5’25)
Herencia Criolla SELF RELEASE Tr 1
Josean Jacobo pno Daroll Méndez bs Otoniel Nicolás dr

Afro-Dominican music pioneer Josean Jacobo’s doing such important work for Latin Jazz.  Here past and present meet and blend in such beauty…. short field recordings transition into the main tracks, guiding listeners through the cultural inspiration behind each composition and arrangement, creating a bridge between history and its influence on the present.

8 Jonathan Barber & Vision Ahead – Denim (3’59)
Jonathan Barber dr Taber Gable keys Matt Dwonszyk bs
Godwin Louis
alto Andrew Renfroe gtr

Fantastic new album from drummer Jonathan Barber & Vision Ahead – we’re lovin the smooth neo-soul grooves on this track!  Only 29 years old, Jonathan has already recorded and toured worldwide with such artists as Pat Metheny, Nicholas Payton, Buster Williams, Jimmy Greene and Erykah Badu.

9 Phil Robson - Callow Freeway (3’54)
Portrait in Extreme LYTE Tr2
Phil Robson gtr bs  David Lyttle elec dr

Phil Robson recalls Kurt Vonnegut, a resonant author for him who said, I want to stand as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all kinds of things you can’t see from the center.

10 Michael Weiss - Birthday Blues (7’00)
Persistence CELLAR LIVE Tr8
Michael Weiss pno Eric Alexander sx Paul Gill bs Pete Van Nostrand dr

Foot tappin be-bop from genius Michael Weiss to complete this fantastic episode!