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Causepods - The Podcast Consultant EPISODE 77, 26th April 2021
When Is It a Problem with Becca Atkinson of The Unashamed Alcoholic Podcast
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When Is It a Problem with Becca Atkinson of The Unashamed Alcoholic Podcast

When do you have a problem with Alcohol?

Alcohol is one of those topics that most people just assume you drink, as Becca says. It has been so integrated into our culture that it can be hard to know where the line is and when you have crossed it. 

Becca launched her podcast in 2020 to have conversations with celebrities and how they overcame their battle with Alcohol. Sharing her own story on the podcast and first on a local radio station, her podcast is an excellent example of the force for good a cause-focused podcast can have globally.

Key Topics:

  • When did Becca’s problem become her message (1:06)
  • Not having the stigma as other addictions associated with it (5:27)
  • How did COVID-19 affect the podcast and the stories you tell (7:57)
  • What made podcasting the perfect medium for this cause (10:56)
  • Getting celebrities to come on the podcast (13:15)
  • What is a lesson you want other people thinking of launching a podcast to know (15:35)
  • Why Centre for Addiction and Mental Health was the charity of choice for this episode (17:22)
  • What is her advice to someone wanting to start a caused based podcast (18:37)

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Charity: Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (https://www.camh.ca/)

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