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Episode 364 – Coming out of the Dark into the Automatic Age: GMB Chomichuk Part One
Episode 36421st February 2022 • SeanGeek and FastFret Podcast • Sean McGinity
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Esteemed and awarded comic nerd GMB Chomichuk is on the show. Author, artist, and multi-tasker, Gregory is on the show to talk all things comics.

(2:58) We begin the show with some talk on the Good people and Bad People in the comic industry, (6:48) Vindicator, Alpha Flight, and John Byrne, (9:20) discovering Toppi, (11:32) the whimsy of Alan Davis, (12:46) mentoring other creators (14:14) and work schedules.

(16:34) Many years Gregory ago and SeanGeek came onto each others’ radars. This is really the first official conversation between the two. So how do they know each other? (17:58) Gregory once worked on something called The Dark, which we cover in detail. (34:02) GMB was also part of the Baby Metal worlds and he shares some information on what that was.

(36:34) We talk about love and hockey, (42:56) Fallout and Gregory’s Automatic Age novels.

You can find a whole host of Gregory’s work over on Goodreads:

Take part in the Kickstarter of his current project Dead Work with a host of other creators over here:

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