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Waffle Free Storytelling - Tina Konstant EPISODE 56, 20th November 2020
GUEST INTERVIEW: All the Waffle with Pauline Cordiner
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GUEST INTERVIEW: All the Waffle with Pauline Cordiner

Hello And Welcome Back To The Waffle-Free Storytelling Podcast!

It's GUEST WEEK and I'm excited to introduce you to Pauline Cordiner. In the previous episode (see link below), Pauline tells a story told to her by her granddad about "Dopey Davie". It's a family story that took place around World War II.

In this episode, we have AAAAAALL THE WAFFLE! Pauline talks about storytelling, the origins of midges, festivals and becoming the storyteller she is today.

More about Pauline and what she's up to:

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You're welcome to join me!


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