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The Personal Side of Paul 'Scanner' Danner [E016]
Episode 162nd February 2022 • Diagnosing the Aftermarket A to Z • LSTN Media LLC
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Matt and Paul talk about their long friendship and that battle of work/life balance.

  • They go back a long way from the start of IAtn
  • He started in 2012 doing video’s
  • Scanner Danner started by putting up content for his students and it exploded from there
  • He started shooting crude video’s and there was no term like ‘YouTuber’
  • Paul does a lot of good process stuff
  • Paul does not look at other Youtubers to keep his own genuine style
  • He is subbing at his Rosedale (got to verify spelling - pull from episode I did with him)  tech to help them out because of COVID
  • Loves teaching
  • Figuring out life balance while working from home
  • Being Present and having a presence
  • He loves to help people with their cars
  • Grandparent now. Life is changing
  • You must be active in working on your relationship
  • His audience wants to fix cars
  • He has a default to stop and fix cars, but Paul sees no end in sight.
  • Our industry does help each other.
  • Enter Eric’s link to RR 192
  • Enter LINK FTR 050 What the Aftermarket Can Learn from Professional Wrestling - Matt Fanslow
  • A 1986 Mustang kicked his but and he created a 3 part series on it, coming out soon
  • He sees one out of ten of his students missing the basics or paying enough attention to their training. A commitment is missing
  • Paul went to Linder Tech
  • Paul partner’s with AES Wave

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