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Isabelle Cornish on Authenticity & Expressing Who You Truly Are
Episode 817th September 2021 • The Human Connection Movement Podcast • The Human Connection Movement
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In this episode of The Human Connection Movement Podcast I connect with Isabelle Cornish who is an Actress, Author, Nutrition Coach, Yoga Teacher and Personal trainer.

Isabelle was born and raised in the Hunter Valley, NSW a country girl at heart.

When you meet Isabelle you quickly sense her lust for life, as well as the curiosity and excitement that she carries for all things animals, nature and healthy foods. 

Isabelle is a multi-faceted human with an admirable flair for living on her own terms and following the beat of her own drum. This energy has guided her along her journey to seek deeper truth’s of what is meaningful to her.

Early on in her journey she realised that the answers to which she was seeking weren’t going to arrive externally, so she turned her awareness inward and began to strengthen her connection with who she truly was.

“To label something is not giving itself the opportunity to transform as it wants to”

You could say that Isabelle holds many labels but she is not defined by them as she is constantly reinventing herself by following her truth. As an actress this is a very powerful quality to have.

“We’re so conditioned not to feel, but feeling is the most beautiful gift of life, what could we do if we couldn’t feel."

Isabelle talks about how authenticity is the most important quality in which she leads her life from, when she talks about living authentically she means respecting her own values and beliefs and not compromising them for the sake of others.

An an Actress Isabelle is known for her roles in Puberty Blues, Inhumans and Home And Away.

She was most recently featured in Nine Perfect Strangers and is currently part of the cast in reality series SAS Australia that is being aired on Channel 7.

Isabelle just recently published her first book "The Why, Healthy Habits For A Creative And Epic Life."

"The Why offers a toolkit for real life, teaching you how to listen to your heart, be more conscious and pick yourself up every time you fall down."

“Growth is the most beautiful gift of life, and i believe that everything that causes discomfort is our opportunity for growth and without growth what do we have.” 

This podcast was recorded in late 2020.