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Is It Too Late?
Episode 227th November 2019 • Audio Branding • Jodi Krangle
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So according to Forbes ( - Mastercard spent $15 Million Dollars on their new sonic branding.  I talk about this in my latest podcast and show you the video of their new sound (at to let you see (and hear) how important this sort of thing is (even if this particular branding may not be the best).  They wouldn't spend that kind of money on something they didn't think was important!

As it turns out, Visa had already spent a year, two years before, developing a signature sound for themselves (as detailed in this discussion on CNBC:

The future of branding is sound and if I can help you with the voice over end of that, feel free to reach out.  Even if I’m not the right voice for your particular sonic image, I know a lot of talented folks that might be able to help and I’m happy to make introductions.

Now – go out and make some noise!

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