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Batman: The Long Halloween
Episode 22Bonus Episode31st October 2021 • Yet Another DC Animated Podcast • Forgotten Entertainment LLC
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It’s yet another bonus episode with Chamar and Andrew as we are dropping our studio-approved Halloween special with Batman: The Long Halloween. There’s a killer on the loose who has been killing every holiday since this Halloween. So Batman, Gordon, and Dent must team up and stop the killer before their Christmas card list gets significantly shorter.

As always, we are here to ask the big questions: Does the story make sense? How does it compare to the comic? Is it a good addition to the universe? And most importantly, should we still be looking over our shoulders next Earth Day?

Thank you so much to Marvel Dice Throne for supporting today's episode. Please use the following link to check out their Kickstarter, support the campaign, and reserve your copy!

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