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Navigating Succession Planning Challenges in Family-Owned Manufacturing Companies with Lisa Sanderson
Episode 1919th February 2024 • The Manufacturers' Network • Lisa Ryan
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In this episode of The Manufacturers Network Podcast, host Lisa Ryan interviews Lisa Sanderson, the Vice President of Marketing and Strategy at Gleicher Manufacturing. Gleicher Manufacturing provides bonding, sealing, and fastening solutions for global clients, servicing industries such as the US military, aerospace, electronics, and medical devices. Lisa Sanderson shares her journey of returning to the family-owned business and her experiences implementing changes to transition from a family business to a business run by a family.

Key Themes:

1. Family Business Dynamics: Lisa Sanderson recounts her early exposure to the family business and the unexpected path that led her back to the company. The complexities and challenges of employing family members in a business, particularly in succession planning, are explored.

2. Change Management: The discussion delves into the intricacies of implementing organizational changes in a long-standing company. Lisa Sanderson emphasizes the importance of understanding the workforce's resistance to change and the need to balance tradition with evolution.

3. Training and Development: The importance of investing in employee training and development to adapt to modern manufacturing practices is highlighted. The conversation explores strategies for training, capturing employee knowledge, and transitioning towards digital practices.

Lessons Learned:

- There is a need to convince individuals of the necessity for change before expecting their willingness to adapt.

- Regular and inclusive communication's significance in fostering employee buy-in amidst organizational changes.

- Balancing tradition with the demand for innovation in a long-established family business requires patience and strategic planning.

Fun Facts:

- Lisa Sanderson discusses her diverse career journey, from being a product manager for consumer packaged goods to becoming a holistic health coach and author.

- The conversation reflects on the challenges and humor in introducing modern technology and practices to longtime employees, highlighting the generational diversity within the workforce.

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