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Planning with Dr. Amruti Choudhry
Episode 244th May 2023 • Delay and Pray • Beth The Catholic Fasting Coach
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In today’s episode, Beth is speaking to her own coach, Dr. Amruti Choudhry, an Advanced Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach, who teaches professional women how to lose weight permanently by getting to the root cause of their weight struggles: their minds.

“You can never out-action a negative emotion..”- Dr. Amruti Choudhry

Today, Beth and Dr. Amruti are discussing the importance of planning: how to plan, how to execute the plan, and how to evaluate the plan, in order to successfully achieve your weight loss goals. They also discuss the power of processing your emotions and evaluating your thoughts in order to root out the cause of your dieting struggles.

First, Dr. Amruti shares the incredible story of her own weight loss journey, and how coaching accomplished what no amount of dieting was able to attain for her. She discusses the importance of planning, and suggests ways to create a protocol that you can trust yourself to follow. She and Beth also discuss the phenomenon of losing your taste for unhealthy foods as you begin to eat foods that feel good in your body.

This episode is brimming with practical tips to achieve the results you desire. From using a different colored pen to note when you eat off-plan, to turning off screens while you eat in order to actually taste your meals, Beth and Dr. Amruti are offering you multiple easy steps towards a life of peace and deeper fulfillment. But they’re going to be real with you, too: your brain doesn’t like change, and it will resist your plans and protocols. By writing everything down and taking a few minutes every day to evaluate your progress, you will slowly learn to feel your emotions, and to make the choices you really want to make in order to permanently change your life. 

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