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Ep #035 – John Mark Williams. CEO, The Institute of Leadership & Management
Episode 3513th May 2021 • The Ben Morton Leadership Podcast • Ben Morton
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In this episode we are joined by John Mark Williams who is the CEO of the Institute for Leadership and Management. John is a problem solver and strategist, working with senior leadership teams to help achieve effective delivery and competitive advantage. He was the architect of Santander’s unique Breakthrough programme for fast-growth SMEs, and is the former CEO of the Agile Business Consortium. John was appointed CEO of The Institute of Leadership & Management in September 2020. 


John has many years experience in leadership development and international business, and has lectured on Strategy and International Business at universities in the UK and Europe for over two decades. He is deeply curious about the leadership implications of business agility, predictive analytics, punctuated equilibrium, and artificial intelligence.

Tune in as we explore how to adapt your leadership style, as a result of working in different countries and cultures along with how Covid-19 is affecting leadership.

And there was no way I was going to have the CEO of the Institute of Leadership and Management on the show and not ask him about his thoughts on the difference between leading and managing – and whether the age old debate even matters.

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