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Overcoming adversity naturally and his fascinating journey in life. Philippe Langner of Hesperian Wines in Napa Valley.
Episode 1820th January 2021 • PEOPLE Behind the Places • Steven Rea
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My guest today is Philippe Langner, someone who has a love of life, people and an adventurous spirit which will put a smile on your face. He’s the Owner and Winemaker of Hesperian Wines on Atlas Peak in Napa Valley. 

Of French descent, his journey started growing up in Africa, where, when his parents weren’t working, they’d take the family 10 hours by boat and jeep into the bush where they chose to live and enjoy their time off. Philippe shares how such experiences living so far from any aid or assistance helped form his character including his innate ability to accept and deal with severe challenges in life. 

Listening to Philippe, one can’t help but feel his infectious love of life, people, passion for growing things and his free spiritedness.

He has relations with the Rothschild family, has worked in and seen success in the world of finance, yet he just couldn’t sit still and be content in his corporate, indoor office. 

In our conversation you’ll hear his fascinating journey and get to know his wonderful character that is embodied in his estate and Hesperian wines he crafts.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.