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Real Life Weight Loss - Corey Little EPISODE 29, 3rd April 2020
Stress Eating vs. Stress Stopping
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Stress Eating vs. Stress Stopping

3 steps to overcome stress eating!

Today I want to provide some clarification and be sure you understand the difference between stress eating and stress stopping. 

The two are not the same. They can and do play off of each other, but how you experience them and deal with them is different.

Stress Stopping is a grand scale problem. Stress Eating is a micro day-to-day issue. But don’t be fooled … it’s kinda like termites. It may seem small or inconsequential, but it is a big deal that rides below the surface and can cause major problems. 

So today, I want to give you a sneak peek into how I coach people when it comes to stress eating.

I'll explain how to …

  • Step into “the gap” and change how different things make you feel
  • Recognize stress eating before it happens
  • Make a better choice when the pressure is on
  • Process emotions rather than ignore and bury them

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