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Birkin Bags and Business: A Story of Luxury and Legal Drama
Episode 52130th April 2024 • Business Lunch • Roland Frasier
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Welcome to a new episode of Business Lunch! In this episode, Ryan Deiss and I dive into the drama behind Birkin bags and the exploration of the lawsuit against Hermès. This episode isn't just about luxury handbags; it's about the fascinating intersection of marketing, exclusivity, and antitrust issues. This discussion will quench your thirst for knowledge about the Birkin drama. You'll learn the strategies that make brands desirable and the challenges that arise from exclusivity in today's competitive market. Don't miss this episode that unpacks a high-profile lawsuit and dissects the secrets of luxury brand success!


"It's not about having the bag; it's about being worthy of the bag."

"Luxury is not a product; it's a pathway."

"Exclusivity doesn't just add value; it defines it."


00:00 - Introduction: The Hermès Lawsuit Overview

00:58 - Birkin Bags: Luxury or Antitrust Issue?

02:27 - Legal Insights on the Birkin Lawsuit

04:03 - Is Hermès' Strategy Anti-Competitive?

05:00 - Discussing Tying Arrangements in Luxury Sales

06:47 - Lawsuit Details: Birkin Buying Criteria

09:09 - Personal Anecdotes: Buying Birkin in Store

13:09 - The 'Birkinification' of Business Models

16:55 - Hermès' Recycled Leather Initiative in Paris

19:20 - Broader Implications for Business and Marketing


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