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96 | Creating Space and Time to Integrate New Ways of Being with Makhosi Nejeser
Episode 9621st November 2022 • Sacred Changemakers • Jayne Warrilow
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96: Creating Space and Time to Integrate New Ways of Being

In today’s episode, I get into a deeply resonant conversation with Makhosi Nejeser, known as “The Royal Shaman”. She is the world-leading African Shaman specializing in energetic alignment and human potential. She mentors high-performing individuals to create powerful transformations amplifying their wealth and impact. Called a Spiritual Guide For Empire Builders, Makhosi turns entrepreneurs into conscious leaders.

Teaching thousands in her online communities to connect with their best self, those working with her see incredible growth personally and professionally. Makhosi has been referred to as the "productivity shaman" by Girlboss and “The Get Sh*t Done Shaman” by Refinery29 for her ability to motivate and enlighten. Mixing real talk and ancient wisdom she's a spiritual advisor for modern times.

She is a fully initiated South African Sanusi, Zulu Shaman, and is trained in Ancient Egyptian Spirituality through the Dogon Mystery School. Using integration and evolution, Makhosi shows disruptive visionaries how they can magnetize more in flow and alignment with their authentic essence, establishing a life beyond success, encompassed by legacy, freedom, and fulfillment.

Today we dive deeply into her work as a modern-day shaman, and how she is taking a devotional path to empower people all around the world to build a euphoric existence filled with limitless abundance.

Listen in as we go beneath the surface of her powerful brand to discuss shifting paradigms in leadership and business, and how global change begins within as we embody energetic alignment and step into our highest potential.

If your soul is whispering to you, giving you the sense that there is more of your potential to be unlocked then this is a conversation you don’t want to miss. I suspect you’ll enjoy this deep, inspiring dialogue as much as I did.

Key Takeaways

  • Makhosi’s wisdom-filled insights about alignment, co-creation, and potential
  • The practical examples she shares of how alignment, or lack of it, plays out in business
  • The value of living in alignment with your essence
  • How to step into your own euphoric evolution
  • Dissonance and its relationship to change

Memorable Quote

“Some of the challenges we as humanity are facing seem outside of our reach, they’re so big, they seem insurmountable, but we’ve got to understand that all of these systems are just people and when enough people get on board with a different way of being, new ways of seeing the world emerge. That’s how revolutions happen.” — Makhosi Nejeser

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