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Cybercrime – What is it and How Do I Protect Myself
Episode 286th October 2020 • Sage Aging • Liz Craven
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About this episode

The world seems to get smaller every day as technology advances at breakneck speed. While this enhances our ability to stay connected and take advantage of lots of conveniences, it can also put us at risk too. How do you protect yourself from cybercrime? How can you tell if someone is trying to take advantage of you? And how can you help your aging loved ones protect themselves? If you're concerned about cybercrime and how it affects all of us, then this is the podcast episode for you.

My Guest

My guest on this episode is Mark Batchelor, Vice President of Victim Services Programs at Cybercrime Support Network, a public-private, nonprofit collaboration created to meet the challenges facing millions of individuals and businesses affected every day by cybercrime. A passionate advocate of online safety issues and privacy issues, Mark is dedicated to assisting people to find the help they need.

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