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118 - Revolutionizing Social Media - Katie Brinkley's Four-Post Formula for Success
3rd July 2024 • Leaders & Legacies • Craig Andrews
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In a profound episode of the "Leaders and Legacies" podcast, hosted by Craig Andrews, leadership and social media strategies took center stage with guest Katie Brinkley. Craig opened with a personal story of survival and resilience, highlighting his team’s dedication during his critical health crisis, underscoring the real impact of strong leadership. Katie Brinkley, founder of Next Step Social Communications and a social media strategist who ironically dislikes social media, shared her innovative "less is more" approach to digital engagement. Her strategy focuses on impactful, minimalistic posting, emphasizing quality over quantity to drive real business results.

Throughout the discussion, Katie emphasized the effectiveness of her four-post strategy, designed to maximize reach without overwhelming content creators or their audience. She elaborated on the importance of understanding audience needs and crafting messages that resonate on different platforms, using tailored strategies for platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn.

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