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The Long AND The Short Of It, Part 1, How To Have It All. With Roland Frasier
Episode 11516th December 2019 • Business Lunch • Roland Frasier
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Do you feel like you can’t get off the Hamster wheel? Are you the “Dancing Bear” in your business (or life)? This episode is the first in a new mini-series from Roland that we are very excited to share with you. 

Which receives most of your efforts: Building your income or building your wealth?

Most people either
  1. Focus on creating as much income as possible in the short term and they don’t really think about building wealth for the long term.
  2. Focus on building wealth in the long term and they don’t think about building income for the short term.

The rare few focus on creating income for the short term AND build wealth for the long term. In this episode Roland establishes that YOU CAN have it all and launches a new series, teaching us how to do just that.

“When the dancing stops, the money stops with it. Then it’s time to face the music. There’s frequently no wealth to fall back on, and you are forced to start dancing again or significantly lower your standard of living”. Roland Frasier

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Listen Today For
  • The amount spent on a renting lifestyle in our ‘sharing economy’ has increased from 36% for Baby Boomers to 50% in today’s Generation.
  • The insidious trap that high-income earners fall into.
  • The all too often scenario that the asset-rich find themselves in.

“I can’t count how many very land rich or asset-rich friends and acquaintance got into financial trouble because they were TOO focused on the long term and they ran out of the income to support their wealth building… And there’s also the chance that the long game you’re playing might not have a chance to play out. Life might have other plans for you.” Roland Frasier

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