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195. How to Identify + Set Your Boundaries in a Firm Yet Respectful Way with Natalie Ellis
Episode 19530th November 2021 • the bossbabe podcast • bossbabe
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Are you able to say no to your friends and family? Or are you constantly being walked over in your personal and professional life because of people-pleasing?

That story ends right now. 

In this episode, BossBabe’s co-founder, CEO + expert at setting boundaries, Natalie Ellis, cuts through the bad reputation boundaries get and shows you why saying no is not a dirty word. Gain the confidence to draw the line with everyone, be it your boss, bestie, or family + finally start to cultivate the healthy relationships you crave. 

If you’re ready to make boundaries part of your self-care routine and put a stop to that auto-yes response you can’t quite shake off; this is the place to begin. Listen now! 


  • How to introduce a boundary at work  
  • What communicating your needs really looks like 
  • What it looks like to say no to friends and family 
  • What you can do right now to build confidence setting boundaries 
  • How to maintain healthy boundaries during the holidays



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