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Dr. A Talks: Diets Suck. You Need A SYSTEM
Episode 523rd June 2021 • Fit Father Project Podcast • Fit Father Project
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In this episode of the Fit Father Project Podcast, Dr. Anthony talks about how building a good nutrition system will help you eat healthy and lose weight, and how ‘diets’ are always destined to fail you.Having a system that helps you standardize the majority of your meals will improve your eating habits over the long term.

This is the best method for creating a sustainably healthy meal plan.With a system in place, you cut out the uncertainty of what you will eat at each meal. For example, if you eat 3 meals each day, you have 21 decisions of what you will eat each week. If you have a system that standardizes what you have for breakfast and lunch each day, you leave yourself with just 7 decisions across the week of what you will eat.

Listen to this informative talk and learn how you can build your healthy nutrition system, and make it easier for you to eat healthy long-term!

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