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Episode 417 – The Reality is I Crave Cruising with Kevin Smith
Episode 41713th February 2023 • SeanGeek and FastFret Podcast • Sean McGinity
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We welcome Jarett back to the show! We discuss socializing rules in a society post shutdown. What is the new normal? (0:32) How does getting a new driver’s license work in Manitoba work these days and just how long does it take? (12:40) What is graduated driving? Can you use your car’s cameras to help parallel park?

What is Splat and Bone and what drunk purchase did Sean make? (17:00) Crave TV, IPTV, and streaming TV and the little tricks they play they play on you. (20:16) Will the next big release get your butt in the theatre or will you invest more time at home? (35:04)

Tom Cruise is at the top of the box office with Top Maverick, but is the movie as revolutionary as the hype would make it believe? (36:34) Tom Cruise has had a stellar career and went through a phase when people were tired of him. Which movies polarized people for him or against him? (43:59)

Ben Stiller who parodied Tom so expertly directed and wrote Reality Bites, a 90’s movie that tried to find the pulse of that generation and came with a killer soundtrack. (56:16) Movies such as Empire Records, Threesome and Almost Famous also came at that time. Jason Lee who played a role in the film got his start with the Kevin Smith film Chasing Amy. Soundtracks overshadowed Scores by composers but the ones like Harold Faltermeyer found a way to thrive. (1:13:32) And what about Steven Wright, with a key voiceover part in Reservoir Dogs that shone with such brilliance? (1:31:00)

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