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201: Ian Clough - The Land of the Unexpected
Episode 20122nd September 2021 • Leadership Is Changing • Denis Gianoutsos.
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Who are you as a leader? People want real and authentic leaders, and to be authentic, it takes understanding your own identity and style. This realization is what helped Ian navigate through the Land of the Unexpected.

Ian Clough was born in Papua New Guinea where he spent his early life and is proud of his PNG heritage.

Studying in Australia before returning to the family business, Ian began his life in retail with the Sir Brian Bell Group, working during school holidays and more permanently after graduation. 

Working in roles within Kmart, Bunnings, Liquorland, Coles Supermarkets and Target, Ian’s 25 year career with Wesfarmers provided significant leadership development and opportunity.

After forging a successful retail career in one of Australia’s biggest companies, he returned to PNG to add value back to his family's business and to the PNG community.

On this episode:

  • Learn more about Ian’s journey through PNG and Australian retail and his development into leadership
  • The importance and impact mentorship has on learning how to lead at larger scales 
  • Understanding the world of the people you’re serving to make solid decisions 
  • Passions and priorities in communities are evolving - leaders need to be able to adapt to these expectations
  • A look at how Ian’s work within retail specifically informs his leadership style and how he has had to adjust between two different countries
  • Leaders can’t afford to rely solely on technology, you need to be good at interpersonal, meaningful connection 
  • What leadership is like in one of the most diverse and unexpected environments in the world 

Key Takeaways:

  • The importance of your identity of a leader 
  • Mentors can draw the best out of you
  • A leader needs to be empathetic 
  • Leadership is becoming more culture focussed 
  • Don’t get so lost in technology you forget to connect personally 
  • Being responsive and adaptable is critical in this fast paced world 

Tweetable Quotes:

“I think your own credibility, your own style, your own brand; that’s very important, because when you talk about reputations, when you talk about integrity, authenticity is very important.” - Ian Clough

“Leadership is much more culture focussed than before… I think the leaders of today need to be really focussed on what culture they’re trying to build and maintain within their work environment.” - Ian Clough

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