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Tax Planning Should Be a Part of Your Retirement Plan
Episode 18414th November 2022 • Secure Your Retirement • Secure Your Retirement
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Who wants to pay taxes? It’s impossible to avoid paying taxes altogether; what we can do is be more efficient with them.

Tax planning is an essential part of your retirement plan. To plan tax efficiently in your retirement, you have to understand all the different investments you’ve accumulated and the different types of tax structures to them.

In this episode of the Secure Your Retirement podcast, we discuss why tax planning should be a part of your retirement plan. Listen in to learn why the Roth IRA account is powerful when it comes to tax planning compared to the traditional IRA account.

In this episode, find out:

  • The importance of understanding your different types of accounts to help make tax planning efficient.
  • Understanding how much of your social security income is taxable annually.
  • If possible, ensure no other income coming in is taxable when taking social security income.
  • The difference between how the traditional IRA and Roth IRA are taxed.
  • The Roth conversion strategy and the tax planning that goes into making it a success.
  • Understanding how the cash in the bank and brokerage accounts are taxed. 

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “Understanding the accounts is the first major part of it and where and how can you be taxed in retirement.”- Murs Tariq
  • “What’s really an important thing when it comes to tax planning is that we do it in advance.”- Radon Stancil 


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