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Episode 57th October 2021 • The Change Makers • Freshworks X StudioPod Media
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Just like phones today are nothing like the super-basic brick cell phones from the 80s and 90s, we expect technology to evolve and things to change and get better with time. But it seems to be a different story for IT Transformation. Most of the time companies ignore their tech until it’s absolutely obsolete. In this episode of Freshworks’ The Change Makers Podcast, we show you how different leaders believe constant IT evolution is the best path for their companies. Join in and learn what these change makers are doing to integrate and optimize their operations with Fresh Services. 

Jump straight into:

(00:27) - A never-ending evolution: How Derek Rose rebuilt the core infrastructure and operations at V Group. 

(03:42) - Helping transactional departments: Peter Baskette using Freshservice across all his organization.  

(04:38) - Mike Myers’s huge implementation of Freshservice: How GoPuff uses the platform to run the many angles of the business. 

(06:57) - Supporting business in a better way: Bringing more departments into Freshservice and looking for new functionalities and features. 

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