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Intro: Time For A Transition
Episode 123rd November 2019 • Audio Branding • Jodi Krangle
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I will always be interested in helping fellow Creatives.  And if you're still interested in that topic, I’ve created a Facebook Group, just for you. Feel free to join me (and many other Creatives) there! 

But this new podcast will transition to my passion of Sound.

Specifically, voice overs and music, but I’d like to delve deeper into how that works in the greater context of branding – both mine and my clients’.

So while the Silver Linings blogs and podcast episodes will remain out there, and I hope you find them useful, I’ll be transitioning to a new podcast.

I’m calling it: Audio Branding: The hidden gem of marketing.  

In a lot of cases, people forget just how much audio – voice overs, music and sounds in general – influence our behavior on a regular basis.  

We Could All Stand To Learn Something About Audio Branding.

Even those of us who make a living in the sphere.  ESPECIALLY those of us who do that. Learn how to leverage your own audio branding – whatever that may be – and you win at marketing.  

That’s why a lot of podcasts have musical and voice over intros (And if you need a voice for that sort of thing, that is certainly a service I offer. Feel free to get in touch).  It’s why TV shows have recognizable theme songs.  It’s why there are some pieces of music in a film that are automatically associated with a character – like Darth Vader’s Imperial March. 

I’m Certainly Not The First One To Talk About This …

… but maybe my perspective as a voice actor and a singer will be helpful in digging a little deeper.  And I fully intend to enlist the help of some very knowledgeable friends and colleagues who can also provide some insights.

Gary Vaynerchuck talks about this on his own website, in his article called The Rise of Audio Branding.

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