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Decoding the Matrix Made Easy with Dr. Vic
Episode 406th July 2022 • Butterfly Kisses • Amy Gray-Cunningham
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In this episode of Butterfly Kisses Podcast Amy talks with Dr. Victor Manzo about what it means to break out of the matrix. What is the matrix? The matrix is the human collective consciousness. It's how we have always done things and why we continue to do it. Dr. Vic believes when we break free from the matrix we live in an awakened state-expressing our authentic soul self or our true light.

Dr. Vic is a former Certified Pediatric Chiropractor who become a business mindset coach. He is the author of three books and his most recent, Decoding the Matrix recently launched on May 31st, 2022. He is also the creator and owner of The Mindful Experiment Podcast which has been ranked in the top 1% of podcasts globally from

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