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ENCORE PRESENTATION: 3 Secrets of Dealing with Your Emotions as a Man
Episode 983rd August 2022 • The Confident Man Podcast • David Maxwell
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We are taking a couple of weeks off, so we are showcasing some of the most downloaded episodes on the Podcast. This episode talks about how to deal with our emotions as men. We really do have emotions! We get into what it looks like and how to gain more power from them.

When a man is connected to his own emotions he becomes more powerful

1 - Judgement Free Zone

  • The best place to deal with your own emotions is to enter the judgment-free zone
  • The Judgment Free Zone is when you take an honest look at your emotions without judging yourself
  • The reason we often don't deal with our emotions is that we judge ourselves for them
  • When we enter a judgment-free zone, we are taking away the judgment of our feelings and just dealing with them
  • When we are in the judgment-free zone we can look at ourselves realistically and objectively

2 - Open & Honest Thoughts

  • Affirming and recognizing our thoughts is key to knowing and communicating our emotions
  • We also learn when to listen to our "gut"
  • Men can connect in relationships better when they understand their own thoughts
  • When all you do is grind, you tend to just check out mentally because of exhaustion
  • Exhausted men don't seek to understand their thoughts

3 - Close Friendships

  • One of the best things we can do for our emotions is have close friends
  • Men need men, Men do better when they have close friends
  • As men, close friends help bring balance to our emotions
  • Without close friends men can get off track easily
  • Men's emotions need to have open and honest friendships to grow and develop